Improving OET Speaking with Mirror Technique

How To Utilise A Mirror To Improve Your Confidence In OET Speaking?

The candidates should learn about the OET speaking sub-test. You must know what to expect because OET is very different from other English exams. If you went into the exam without this prior knowledge, the content would be pretty shocking, and you would be unlikely to get a high score regardless of your actual English ability.

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 OET speaking criteria has two segments, Linguistic and Clinical Communication. Linguistic Criteria includes intelligibility (accent, pronunciation and intonation), Fluency, Appropriateness of Language and Resources of Grammar and Expression. Clinical Communication Criteria includes Relationship-building, Understanding and incorporating the patient’s perspective, providing structure, Information-gathering and Information-giving.

 In each Speaking test, the interlocutor checks your identity and profession; also, there is a short warm-up conversation about the candidate’s professional background. Next, the role-plays are introduced individually, and the candidates have three minutes of preparation time for each role-play. The ‘role-plays’ take about five minutes each.

 Candidates often have no idea what they look like and how they perform in a conversation. And that’s not a thing. Mirrors can work better than video cameras for viewing how you come across them. Mirrors are more convenient than video cameras. And when you’re practising in a mirror, you don’t have to wait for the reply. Mirrors help you Learn How to Smile and practice focused eye contact.

Improving Self-Confidence with Mirror Technique

Mirrors are household items; you can also use mirrors to help you prepare for the OET speaking sub-test. It allows you to develop confidence for performances and practice conversing and visualise pronunciation.

One of the essential features of communication is self-confidence. Every thriving person looks solid and confident. Successful people aren’t scared to look someone in the eyes, say what they want, and go and get it. They radiate confidence, power, success and determination, which helps them win a fight and get what they want without saying anything.

 If you are self-confident, you will look more robust in the eyes of others, and they will judge you with respect and dignity. Becoming self-confident is a sign that you believe in yourself, have your goals set and work on them every day. Confident people are not afraid to make eye contact and are unstoppable once you’ve decided something. Doing a mirror practice exercise a day can strengthen your self-confidence. 

Mirror practice tricks that improve your English speaking skill

  1. Visualise pronunciation: Using a mirror can help you practise the pronunciation of difficult words. You can practice the same way you have observed native speakers by practising in front of a mirror.
  2. Practise role-playing: While speaking to yourself can seem strange, not everybody has the benefit of someone to talk to them in English. If you have not got a speaking partner to practise with you, Role-play conversation in front of the mirror is better. Looking at your mirror image while you speak provides you with the ideas of a better conversation. Practising talking aloud in front of the mirror helps your pronunciation and fluency. 
  3. Build confidence: Practise self-speaking motivational phrases in front of the mirror. According to Performance experts, talking to yourself in the mirror, like ‘I can do this, ‘I will achieve my dream,’ or ‘I’m ready’, improves your confidence and frame of mind.

Practising with a mirror is a straightforward exercise that separates you from improving speaking skills; this technique that most people you look up to use every day works well. Practising in front of a mirror, looking at your reflection, observing your body language and talking to yourself helps you increase confidence and strength. Use this technique and become a person with strong character and self-esteem. Let the mirror be your friend!

Improving OET Speaking with Mirror Technique

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