OET letter types in the OET writing module

OET Letter types in the Writing modules
OET Letter types in the Writing Modules

OET letter types in the OET writing module

In OET writing session, you need to plan and write a letter to another healthcare professional. A real-life health care situation would be the scenario. this letter should include detailed information about patients. A brief information like patients’ past medical history, family details, and current medical conditions are mentioned in the letter. In most hospital, nurses and junior staff are responsible for writing such letter with more minor to no help from senior staff.

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Please note that this letter will be based on other healthcare professionals to provide further treatment to the patient, giving clarity of information utmost attention. This makes it equally essential for nurses to be thorough with writing a letter in the OET exam as the accessor will check the details of the information provided in the letter.

There are three types of letter commonly asked in OET writing test:

  • Referral Letter: A temporary transfer of patients to some other doctor or hospital for a specific treatment.
  • Transfer Letter: A permanent transfer of patients to other hospital or department for treatment.
  • Discharge Letter: A letter is provided to the patient at the time of release from the hospital after treatment, including all treatment details of the patient.

Most of the content in the above letters remain the same, and candidates are required to communicate essential information between primary and secondary healthcare, giving the receiving clinician/department a detailed report about the patient’s medical background and the purpose of writing the letter.
In the above cases, the conclusion will differ as it will explain the further treatment required to be provided to the patient by the recipient healthcare centre. In case of a discharge letter, the candidate needs to mention the clinical report and its details.

Are you confused to use Refer?

‘Refer’ is used when a patient is referred to another doctor or healthcare centre for the first time. It makes no sense in English to use ‘refer’ when we reply to a referred letter. It is imperative to understand the situation in question and to whom the letter has to be written.

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