How to use OET Speaking test preparation time ?

You can ask your interlocutor questions about the task during preparation before each role-play in the Speaking test. Even though there is no impact on your result from asking such questions, having the answer may surely help you. It is essential to use your OET Speaking test preparation time wisely for a clearer understanding of the situation, to speak confidently, and achieve a better score.

How to use the 3 minutes preparation time in the OET Speaking sub-test ?

The role-plays are introduced one by one, and you have three minutes to prepare for each. The role-plays are about five minutes each. The interlocutor checks your identity and profession. In each Speaking test, there is a short warm-up conversation about your professional background. 

To speak well during your OET Speaking Test can be a little daunting. Even those who are good at communicating become falter or hesitate. Before starting each role-play in the OET Speaking test, you have three minutes to prepare with the role card. It is crucial to use the preparation time before the speaking sub-test. Many of the test takers are unaware of this and get nervous during the speaking test. So you need to work through the first three minutes of a sample speaking test.

Before starting the test, candidates can ask a few questions about the interlocutor’s role in the Speaking test. The interlocutor will act as the patient, client, caretaker or family member in the role play. You will have to speak professionally.

During this time, you should read through the role card a couple of times to look for the background to check the patient’s details and confirm whether the situation is known or unknown, if it is a known case or an unknown case. If it is a known cause, you can ask the interlocutor that: 

‘What name shall I call you in the role-play?’

Sometimes candidates might feel a little nervous to ask the interlocutor’s name. You can use either the interlocutors’ name or any name the interlocutor will respond and accept during that time. 

If you see any unfamiliar word you can ask:

What is this word exactly mean?

[The word, concussion is an example]

If you see any problematic words, you can ask:

How do you pronounce this word? 

[Point at the problematic word on the role card]

If you have a role-play in your first conversation with this patient, briefly introducing yourself and checking the patient’s name is appropriate for setting up a rapport. At the beginning of the test, the interlocutor will ask a few questions about your work and background. As this part is out of assessment, it’s an excellent chance to familiarise the interlocutor. It makes you feel more comfortable when the role plays start.

Relationship building is a communication principle for the OET Speaking sub-test. It requires you to demonstrate and initiate the conversation appropriately. This rapport shows your ability to start the conversation suitable for the setting and your familiarity with the patient. It offers an excellent variety to the assessor if you can begin to each role-play differently.

The situations in the speaking role-plays are the same as situations that happen in an everyday scenario at the workplace. When you’re interacting with a patient in the workplace, you will practice language and communication skills. You can also use your everyday experience at the workplace and interaction with colleagues to help you develop these skills.

You will have to use your preparation time wisely; the card will tell you the details about your role. This information will help you decide what kind of language is appropriate to the situation. 

How to use your OET Speaking test preparation time?

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how to use oet speaking test preparation time ?
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