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Here is the answer for which is the best OET centre in Kerala, India, which most nurses frequently enquire

OET / IELTS Centre in Kerala

Online And Offline OET Centre In Kerala, India

Tiju’s Academy delivers OET Centre in Kerala, India. We provide the OET training classes with flexible and convenient timing as per the OET candidates.

We provide live OET online classes following OET students preferred applications such as through WhatsApp, IMO, BOTIM, Zoom. When an OET student decided to study either OET Online or Offline, the first institution that comes to their mind is Tiju’s Academy because of the outstanding coaching.

We deliver the OET Online courses as same as OET Offline Courses because we provide individual training for all four modules. Having separate Basic Grammar classes and OET- specified grammar classes, help the OET students to acquire their required OET score, and we provide regular OET mock test which allows the students to assess their level. You can choose this Academy for OET Online without having a second thought since it offers intensive training for all the modules.

Since the best OET Centre in Kerala, India, we keep our standards and never disappoint any OET candidates who have taken OET Online coaching in Kerala, India, joined our OET Centre in Kerala.

OET Online Coaching

Acquiring OET materials is an easy task; however, receiving proper training and attention for all four modules in OET is an arduous task. There is a perception among most OET students that with these OET materials,

it is easy to study OET without any assistance and easy to obtain the required score in the OET exam, which is not true every time. You would acquire the required score if you study the OET systematically, and there Tiju’s Academy’s OET Online Coaching comes. We provide high-quality training in OET classes. One-on-one OET writing and OET speaking corrections help the OET candidates to comprehend the approach to crack the OET exam easily.

We do have separate unlimited live OET listening and OET reading classes. The professionally-trained OET mentors explain the tips and strategies to get the required OET score, and also they explain all the answers with rationale, which boost the OET students’ confidence to appear OET exam. This new OET training approach has paved a drastic change in OET students’ success rate. OET Centre in Kerala

Why Only Tiju's Academy For OET Online Classes?

Tiju’s Academy provides OET Online and Offline training in Kerala, India. We deliver the OET online and offline training classes with flexible and convenient timing as per the OET Candidates preferences by keeping our standards.

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OET Online Coaching

Tiju’s Academy initiated an innovative OET online training approach in Kerala, India, which allows the aspirants to secure B scores in their OET exams. Our Academy’s OET training is quite student-friendly and has exceptionally skilled OET tutors who assist you to succeed in OET Exam. Our OET Centre in Kerala has exceptional standards and strategies to crack OET with ease; thereby, no OET candidates get disappointed. The OET aspirants can start their courses anywhere globally because we never compromised the quality we offer in OET Online classes. Along with the OET Online coaching, we provide the latest OET materials free of cost to the practice.

Review's From Students

Let’s have a look at what’s our students say, and know more 

Listening ReadingSpeaking Writing
Duration40 minutes
Part A- around 5 minutes each
Part B- around 1 minutes each
Part C- around 5 minutes each
60 minutesAround 20 minutes45 minutes
5 minutes- read the task
40 minutes- writing
Questions42 minutes
Part A- 24 questions
Part B- 6 questions
Part C- 12 questions
42 minutes
Part A- 20 questions
Part B- 6 questions
Part C- 16 questions
Warm-up sessions
2 role-plays
3 minutes preparation
5 minutes- speaking
180-200 words
StructurePart A- It assesses the ability to identify the information between the health professional and patient consultation.
Part B-it assesses the ability to identify the gist or purpose of six short work- place extracts
Part C- it assesses the ability to identify the two different extracts from a recorded presentation or interview from a health care professional.
Part A- four short expeditious reading task
Part B- six short text for identifying gist
Part C- two texts to identify detailed meaning
Two role-plays Based on work- place specific situationsUsually referral ,transfer and discharge letter

*Profession-Specific Topic
5/5 (1 Review)

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