OET Speaking Tips | SITUATIONAL REASSURANCE | Assured Impact

OET Speaking Tips | SITUATIONAL REASSURANCE | Assured Impact The OET speaking sub-test consists of one task divided into two separate role-plays. You will act as the health professional in the role-plays, and the other person will be your interlocutor (playing a patient ). These role-playing scenarios will imitate any interactions you might have in your […]

Improving OET Speaking with Mirror Technique

How To Utilise A Mirror To Improve Your Confidence In OET Speaking? The candidates should learn about the OET speaking sub-test. You must know what to expect because OET is very different from other English exams. If you went into the exam without this prior knowledge, the content would be pretty shocking, and you would […]


How to use OET Speaking test preparation time ? You can ask your interlocutor questions about the task during preparation before each role-play in the Speaking test. Even though there is no impact on your result from asking such questions, having the answer may surely help you. It is essential to use your OET Speaking […]

Beneficial Adverbs In An OET Speaking

How To Use Adverbs In An OET Speaking? Adverbs help us give descriptive details of what you are talking about, showing your emotions and feelings about the things discussed. It also provides the audience with a better understanding of your perspectives and connects to your story ultimately. An adverb allows you to modify a verb. When speaking, […]

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